Romani Identity

Romani Identity
Identity has enormous power. To know who we are helps us feel empowered and self-sonscious when being faced with challenges in our daily lives.

Romani Identity is a very sensitive and special subject. The label „Romani“ is nothing but a meaningless umbrella-term to those whose identity we seek to define by it, as Romani groups are so very heterogenous and diverse. Sinti, Manouche, Kalderash, Romungre, Travellers, Romanichal, Kale, Beasch, Ashkali, Domari are just a few of hundreds and thousands other labels for Romani people that they may or may not identify with. How can it even be possible to find a common denominator inside of the manifold groups that are among themselves as diverse and different from each other as they are to all the other people on this planet?

Female* faces of Leadership

Afro-Sinti, Black Roma, beautiful people beyond what the eyes can see.

When you could celebrate Hannukah and Hederlezi, but just that you are awesome is reason enogugh to party.

Taste the Romani Rainbow – Pride²

Bodydiversity – Embracing bodies in all shapes, sizes and degrees of abilities.
Neurodiversity – Embracing personalities in all facettes.

CisHeteros, do not be upseteros. We love you being role-models in suits and ties.

Warning: This page may contain explicit graphic humor and extraordinary levels of coolness. #OpreRoma #RomaniYouth