New Group! Translating „The Great Dictator“ Speech into Romanes

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You always wanted to dive into the beauty of the language of Romanes? A new group on facebook is exploring the possibilites of Romani Translation Discourse beyond political documents but in arts, music and pop-culture.

As first text the group will work with in January 2021 is the famous speech from the movie „The Great Dictator“ by Charles Chaplin.

The participants are called out to find their own translation style. Every month the group will work on a new text.

See the Infosession Video here:

join the group here:

In a nutshell: The main goal is to produce translations with the focus of being understandable to as many Romani people as possible.

  1. The vision is to provide translations of texts and speeches which are relevant in history, pop-culture and mainstream but until today are not available in Romani Language. We are going to change that with every text translated in this group.
  2. Every member of this group is active on free will and driven by their motivation to make historical relevant texts also available in Romani language and include a regular exchange (1-2x per month) with other people who are passionate about the Romani language and its use and development in the future.
  3. We dont follow one certain dialect in translation – rather we would like to compare the possibilities our many dialects provide for different kinds of linguistic expression and in that context the fine lines of interpretation and perception of – one text, one word, one line – possible.
  4. We dont go deep in the grammatical matters (as for example if we write „Cavo“ or „Chavo“ or „buci“ and „buchi“. This way we want to attract persons who have great oral capabilities of speaking Romanes but until know maybe didnt dare to jump into wrting romanes.
  5. The main language of this group is Romanes. However we might also use English language during our discussions in order to better illustrate details or contexts.
  6. Everybody is welcome to join our group anytime. As we start each month with a different text it is possible to join the translaters group each new month with each new text.

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