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He always dreamed of becoming a pilot. Today the acknowledged 39-year old investigative-journalist is editor in chief of „Udar“ ,  fighting against corruption and motivating citizens to give their vote. 

Studying psychology would have been his first choice, but the expectations of his family were quite clear: the elder one of two sons, sporty and with a discipline above average, shall become a respected person, a state-hero, at the military. This path seemed to be ideal for him and also young Dalibor himself who liked this idea first: 

„I always was quite determined, no matter if in school or at sports. I always wanted to be the best and very often I managed to be the best. This was my super-power.“ 

It would be cynical to think he became such a perfectionist just to refute possible prejudice about Romani people in realis.From his view that would be„again a reduction to his ethnical roots.“ 

He never became a pilot, but his wish to engage for justice and equality in this society, was still there – which led Tanic later to his profession as a journalist. His parents are very proud on the path that Dalibor chose for himself. As journalist there was attempts to label him as a „Roma-Journalist“. Dalibor shall „focus his work and stories on „his people“. Again he went beyond the expectations of his environment and thought  everyone better:

2015 he received a price from the European Union for his achievements as an investigative journalist. Tanic had, after moth of heavy and also dangerous research, covered up a network of state-corruption. Still some people tried to categorize him as a „role-model-Roma“. He has a clear answer to that: 

„Im a husband, a neighbour, a journalist and most and first I am a human being.“

He seems to be a little bit abashed, his eyes twinkle, when he talks about his wife and their  recent 10-years wedding anniversary. She shares his enthusiasm for Obamas „Yes We Can“, shares his believe that, we all together can make this world a better place. Suitable, they met each other at a conference for human rights. To participate in elections is more than „normal“ to Dalibor – it is the most important obligation of each citizen: 

„You should be part of the political process. A voting citizen.

If we want to enlarge the number of people who vote, we have to show them, that their participation has an impact. We have to build trust in the local communities, we have to recover their faith into democracy,  strengthen their believe, that their vote can make a change.“

Dalibor is saying that with elections in Bosnia ahead. Elections in the middle of a pandemic, and a spirit of latent-agressive frustration on politics which will probably precipitate in a low participation rate at the elections. This is just one more reason for resilient Dalibor to activate citizens to use their vote. 

„Also on a very long journey, the first steps must be made“, he says inspired by his favorite author Yuval Noah Harass – a scientist of the deeper sense of existence. 

In his every-day approach Dalibor is equally practical and philosophical, practicing „Neurolinguistic Programming“ – short NLP – a technique used to influence human perception via the channel of language. It is very popular in marketing and since a long time it is also used by politicians who raise emotions above facts. Dalibor is encoding this kind of propaganda with his knowledge, separating news from hate-speech. Roma have been target of this kind again during COVID-19 and Tanic knows why:

„This pandemic is the perfect ground for disinformation and targeting moral and ethical borders.  Exactly this is the point, where we have to ask ourselves how strong the influence of media ant its impact on our actual actions and behaviors really is.“

Tanic calls for a fact-centered discourse, for a a disarmament of emotions and a self-critical approach. If we will ever live in a equal society, in his opinion, will be dependent from our readiness to be influenced by this kind of propaganda. Naturally journalist Dalibor ends this story with a questions: 

„Are we ready to face, analyze and judge this world on a more valid  basis than 10 seconds clips full of hate and propaganda?“ 

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Dalibor Tanic (39) lives in Bosnija and is practicing NLP Master, journalist and activist. He is journalist since 2002 and started his career at the radio in Sarajevo. Later he startet publishing articles for Online magazines like „zurnal“ and „Start B&H“. 2015 he received a price from the European Union for his achievements in investigative journalism in Bosnia & Herzigovina for uncovering a network of state-corruption. He is Editor in Cheif of his own Online-portal „Udar“ – this is the result of his years of engagement in monitoring and reporting about the situation of Roma in B&H. s: 


Media Portal „Udar“

* “UDAR” = Romanes | Romani Language = „Tür, Tor“ | „Door, Portal“ 

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