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Why we need Romani Media – Romblog Videopresentation for #EU2018 conference on Antigypsysm, Vienna Nov 2018 | Trailer by Laura Moldovan –



Synopsis of this video/parts of the speech:

Violence and Hate Crimes against Romani People are arising in many countries … but how does Media reflect this incidences? And why Romani people are only shown in the media when there is some negative story to push fears and hate?

There are some well developing Romani Media-Producers in Europe, but also in the USA or in Kanada that are doing a great job in reporting, reflecting and sharing information about human rights violations and how they are handled,by politics, media and NGO´s.

Namely I would like to highlight the great work of European Roma Rights Center (ERRC),; DROMA; Radio Patrin or Radio Romano Sweden (and many others)

They should unite and aggregate their news on a shared information portal – accessible to those media producers on the basis of a code of ethics on shared values and guidelines for published material. The first step is easy: Simply allow your Romani Media colleagues to share your news on their blogs and channels. they simply do not forget to name your outlet as source. very easy. just another WordPress page away from Reality.

interested to join, to found, to realize this?
Not easy. but possible. lets do it.


Gilda-Nancy Horvath
Editor in Chief – Romblog




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