UK | International Roma Day | 6th April 2018 | Walthamstow

UK | International Roma Day | 6th April 2018 | Walthamstow | Amaro Drom | St. Marys Music Hall | Eventlink

Showcase of all Roma talented and gifted artists and virtuosos in UK


International Romani Day falls on 8th April, and at St Mary’s Music Hall we will be celebrating all things Romani culture on Friday 6th April. Featuring a host of internationally renowned musicians from Romani communities all around Europe.


There will also be traditional Romani food, and talks and insights on Romani culture. This will be a joyous and vibrant celebration not to be missed! Please support our event through our crowdfunding page, where you’ll find an appealing range of rewards, amongst which you can buy your ticket in advance, pre-oder a delicious meal or a cocktail made with love and a few more surprises!


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