What Macedonian’s new prison amnesty means for Roma | By Senada Sali and Jonathan Lee | #ERRC

By Senada Sali and Jonathan Lee | via #ERRC

On 15th January 2018 the Macedonia Parliament adopted a new law on amnesty that came into force on the 26th of January, four days ago. Proper application of this law would practically mean that about 260 Roma would be released from prison or the length of their prison sentences would be reduced by 30%.

According to the law, the possibility for full or partial amnesty, applies if you:

  • started serving a sentence for criminal offenses on the day this law came into force (29th January 2018).
  • are a Macedonian citizen and serving your sentence in Macedonia, but were convicted for criminal offenses under the laws of another state.
  • have been convicted for criminal offenses, but had not yet started serving your sentence on the day the new law came into force (29th January 2018).

Full amnesty should be granted to the people listed above who were sentenced to imprisonment of six months or fewer. These people should be released from prison. Partial amnesty should apply to the rest of the people listed above whose sentence is more than 6 months. These people should have their sentence reduced by 30%.


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