Video | Ethel Brooks commenting on racist incident at Dublin airport

Roma activist Ethel Brooks was on the way to Dublin (Irland) in order to attend the memorial event on 2nd August – the European Roma Holocaust Memorial Day – when an immigration officer at the airport asked for the purpose of her journey. His reaction to her answer was a hate speech full of racism. Ethel Brooks is commenting this incident in our video interview.




Prof. Dr. Ethel Brooks is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology at Rutgers University, New Jersey and one of the most important activists of the Romani community worldwide. Nevertheless she became victim of verbal racist violence. In this exclusive interview for she is still fighting:

„We cannot let this happen to us. We have to publish such cases and defend ourselves.“

Brooks was also emotionally touched by this incident:

„When this officer explained to me that all Roma are thieves and criminals, I was shocked. I explained that Im part of this community he just went on with his hate speech. I was afraid they would deny me to enter the country if I go on defending myself.“


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